The blacksmith’s shop was once the cornerstone of many village communities and provided the necessities needed for everyday life. Today we try to honor the past and do everything we can to not only to learn more about our craft, but to pass it on to the next generation. We have a wide range of tools, some well over 150 years old, and use them alongside modern plasma cutting and welding equipment.

On June 25th, 2012, the trade name Darkmoon Metals was registered with the office of the town clerk in the city of Norwalk, CT. We started off as a small home-based business, focused on metal fabricated art and odd jobs of all sorts. We soon started posting online videos, talking about various topics and providing short demonstrations on different aspects of metal fabrication and welding. On April 24th, 2013 we formed Darkmoon Metals, LLC.

Today our shop is still located in the same two-car garage as when we started. Our goal is simple: to help you make your concepts a reality and to stay well within your budget while maintaining a high level of quality. From designing props and sets for a play or short film, to making custom signage and promotional items for your business, we look for the most cost effective and creative ways to get your job done.

Jeffrey Santo

I first became interested in metalwork and welding at a young age, watching my father doing various car restorations and auto body work. At the age of fourteen I made half barrel stoves for my scout troop, my father set me up on the MIG welder and since then I was hooked. Being all self-taught up until 2010 I decided to go to school for TIG welding and to strengthen his other skills in MIG, Stick, Gas welding and Brazing. I attended Lincoln Technical Institute for Welding, during my time there I received 13 certificates of achievement as well as basic OSHA related training for the welding and fabrication industry.

I have worked in variety of fields, everything from management to aerospace manufacturing. A few of my friends pointed out that if he worked half as hard for myself as I had for other people in the past I’d have a good shot of becoming a success. I am truly looking forward to the day when Darkmoon will be able to support itself and expand, mainly to the point of hiring others to join what has become a passion of both art and creativity.

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Dana “Nellie” Cole

I have been an artist my entire life, the experience I have gained over the years both learning and practicing different artistic media is a true asset here at Darkmoon Metals. From texturing to engraving I work towards completing the “final touches” on many of our projects here in the shop. Like Jeff says; He’s the brute force behind the business and I’m the creative force. Recently I have become a student member with the American Welding Society and continuing to learn new things about the different metal working processes we offer.

If you stop by the shop you’ll find me at my desk engraving a hand crafted gift or perhaps cutting and forming copper for one of our many rose designs. Who knows, you may even catch me with a torch in my hand sending hot sparks shooting across the room. Either way here I have the ability to expand my love of art and create things that people will enjoy for a lifetime.

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Vered Brandman

For several years I have been working with wire to make jewelry, everything from necklaces and earrings to rings to hair pieces. Compared to what comes out of the Darkmoon Metals shop what I make is rather delicate. I weave plated copper wire with cultured freshwater pearls, crystal bicones, natural stones as well as found objects like beach glass and shells.

I don’t tend to spend much time in the shop, instead I take my small collection of hand tools and work outside as often as I can. I prefer to work in the sun and watch its light dance off the pieces as I create them. Being able to create one of a kind gifts that someone will always treasure is one of the many benefits this kind of art allows me to be a part of.

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