Darkmoon Metals, LLC is a small welding and fabrication shop located in Norwalk Connecticut. One of the many things that sets us apart of the bigger industrial welding facilities is we work mostly with the general public. We understand the value of a dollar, we look for cost effective and creative ways to stay well within your price range while at the same time maintaining a high level of quality.


A popular item we make is a sculpted copper rose. It is hand hammered and shaped with an acetylene torch. The stem is a bronze brazing rod, the flower is made entirely from reclaimed copper water pipe. This is much heavier and more detailed than the sheet copper roses we make.
This is our featured photo for February 2014. While it is true we work mostly with metals from time to time we work with wood and other materials. This is a 12th century window we were commissioned to make for a play, the final product was based on the provided photo.
This is an arrangement of one dozen sheet copper roses., they were given as an engagement present. Its not often you are asked to create something that will be apart of something so special. We are truly grateful that we have the opportunity to work with people on so many levels.